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Small Businesses Signs Service

At Leaderboard Signs, we are signage experts with a passion for helping small businesses make big impressions. We intimately understand the make-or-break power thoughtfully designed signs have for boosting brand visibility and fostering meaningful customer connections.

Small businesses are the backbone of communities, with owners pouring dedication into not just their products and services but also nurturing neighborhood relationships. We consider it an honor to help these businesses transform spaces into places where residents feel personally welcomed while organically discovering the brand’s purpose.


Banners are the versatile workhorses of signage. Their portability allows small businesses to display targeted messaging across contexts – from trade show booths to company events. Well-designed banners command attention with bold colors, streamlined text, and strategic placement. We consider visual hierarchy, material durability, graphic integration, and context when creating banners that get your brand seen and message understood.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs give small businesses big presence. These visual centerpieces spell out your brand loud and proud. We help small businesses harness the versatility of channel letters through cubed, open-faced, and reverse lit options. Careful material selection ensures illuminated letters shine brightly day and night. Strategic placement and innovative use of color, shape and lighting transforms channel letters into captivating focal points.

Grand Opening Signs

The thrill of opening a small businesses gets amplified with eye-catching grand opening signs attracting crowds eager to explore something new. Leaderboard Signs helps small business make strong first impressions through oversized banners, vibrant window graphics, and creative use of A-frame and yard signs to generate buzz. Coordinated grand open signage plays upon senses of anticipation and curiosity to drive opening traffic and kickstart community connection.

Hours Signs

Deceptively simple in form and function, hours signs present prime opportunities to relay helpful business information with personality. Strategic design choices based on space constraints, branding style, and target audience help hour signs effectively communicate when you’re open while bringing warmth to the customer experience. Illuminated hours signs allow customers to clearly see your hours from a distance, while thoughtful integration of your branding makes the signs distinctly yours, ensuring customers remember who you are.

Lobby Signs

Make a strong first impression with visually striking lobby signs displayed in entryways and reception areas. These signage centerpieces set the tone for customer experiences the moment they step inside your space. Leaderboard Signs helps you make that moment special through designing cohesive lobby signs tied aesthetically to your brand. Welcome all who enter while conveying style, purpose and values through artful, engaging lobby signs.

Customer connection and brand distinction comes not just from what signage says but how creatively it’s conveyed. Leaderboard Signs enables small businesses to transform simple information into memorable touchpoints by customizing shape, color, material, and messaging – sign details tailored distinctly to you. Let’s collaborate to build an intuitive signage strategy rooted in your brand essence. Signs personalized to your voice unmatched by any template.

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