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Hair Salons Signs Service

Are you a hair salon owner looking to attract more clients and enhance your salon’s appearance? Leaderboard Signs specializes in providing custom sign solutions tailored to the unique needs of hair salons. From eye-catching grand opening signs to versatile window graphics, we have the expertise to help your salon stand out in the crowded beauty industry. Explore our range of essential sign products designed to increase foot traffic and create a memorable experience for your clients.

Grand Opening Signs

Make a splash and generate excitement for your hair salon’s grand opening with vibrant grand opening signs. These attention-grabbing signs announce your salon’s arrival to the community and attract potential clients eager to experience your services. Our custom grand opening signs feature bold colors and engaging designs that capture attention and create buzz around your salon’s launch. With durable materials and professional printing, our grand opening signs are the perfect way to kickstart your salon’s success and establish a strong presence in the local market.

A-Frame Signs

Direct foot traffic and draw attention to your hair salon with versatile A-frame signs strategically placed on sidewalks and storefronts. A-frame signs are portable and highly visible, making them ideal for promoting daily specials, discounts, and upcoming events. Our custom A-frame signs feature vibrant graphics and clear messaging that entice passersby and encourage them to step inside your salon. With lightweight construction and weather-resistant materials, our A-frame signs are durable enough to withstand outdoor elements and provide long-lasting promotion for your hair salon.

Vinyl Decals

Transform your hair salon’s windows, walls, and doors into dynamic marketing tools with custom vinyl decals. Vinyl decals allow you to showcase your salon’s logo, services, and promotions while maximizing visibility to potential clients. Our high-quality vinyl decals are fully customizable, enabling you to create unique designs that reflect your salon’s brand identity and personality. With easy application and removal, vinyl decals provide a cost-effective solution for updating and refreshing your salon’s look. Trust Leaderboard Signs to deliver vinyl decals that attract attention and drive business to your hair salon.


Announce special events, promotions, and seasonal offers with eye-catching banners that capture attention and drive foot traffic to your hair salon. Banners are versatile and portable, making them an effective marketing tool for both indoor and outdoor use. Our custom banners feature vibrant colors, high-resolution graphics, and durable materials that ensure long-lasting visibility and impact. Whether hung outside your salon or displayed inside to promote in-store specials, banners from Leaderboard Signs are the perfect way to communicate your salon’s message and attract new clients.

Window Graphics

Maximize your hair salon’s curb appeal and entice potential clients with custom window graphics that showcase your salon’s services and style. Window graphics allow you to transform ordinary windows into vibrant marketing displays that catch the eye of passersby. Our high-quality window graphics are fully customizable, enabling you to create captivating designs that reflect your salon’s brand and personality. With easy application and removal, window graphics provide a cost-effective solution for updating your salon’s look and attracting attention from potential clients.

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