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The Science of Seamless Sign Installation

When investing in new signage, the thrill comes when those eye-catching designs finally grace your storefront or office building. But before the visual impact comes the critical installation process. Handled improperly, even the most creative signs fail to make their intended splash.

That’s why Leaderboard Signs not only crafts exceptional commercial signs, but also obsesses over seamless installation. We understand the meticulous planning, custom mounting, and fluid execution needed to perfectly showcase your new signage investment. The skills and know-how to bring your branding vision to life just as you imagined it.

Read on as we explain the art and science behind next-level sign installation. The many factors we carefully consider. And why flawless mounting deserves just as much attention as the sign design itself.

What does your planning process entail?

The installation process begins long before crews arrive at your door. It starts with comprehensive planning and communication to gain an intimate understanding of your signage needs and installation sites.

Our project managers thoroughly evaluate each sign location, leaving no detail overlooked. We gain exact measurements of walls and structures to design appropriate mounting solutions. And closely assess additional factors:

  1. Construction Materials: We note the composition of walls and frameworks (wood, brick, metal, etc.) to determine hardware needs and drilling approaches without compromising structural integrity.
  2. Power Sources: For illuminated signs, we identify nearby power inputs and measure the distance for wiring. Considering extensions needed and optimal routing to keep cords neat and concealed.
  3. Zoning Laws & Permits: We research local regulations around sign types, sizes, placement rules, and visibility needs. And interface with city officials to expedite permit approvals, leveraging our partnerships to streamline this process.
  4. Sight Lines & Visibility: Based on sidewalk and parking traffic flows, we map out sight lines to position signage for maximum visibility and impact. Ensuring pedestrian and vehicular view zones are completely covered.
  5. Accessibility: Foot traffic patterns are assessed to select installation locations that avoid blocking or hindering access, whether exterior walkways or interior entryways.
  6. Weather Exposure:We note building exposures to sunlight at different times of day, prevailing wind/rain directions, and temperature variations. Enabling signs suited to the microclimate and properly positioned to mitigate weathering.

This comprehensive planning leaves no factor unaddressed. Allowing us to then design fully customized mounting and positioning plans tailored to the unique installation site. Equipped with this granular site intel, we can formulate fully-fleshed mounting plans for each sign. So your crew arrives prepared and focused strictly on seamless execution.

How do you design mounting solutions tailored to each sign?

Cookie cutter sign installation won’t cut it. Each location and structure calls for a tailored mounting solution based on the:

  • Sign dimensions and hardware needs
  • Sign type (indoor vs outdoor, monument vs wall-mounted, etc.)
  • Positioning height and angle
  • Weight bearing requirements
  • Protecting architectural integrity

For interior vinyl decals, a peel-and-stick application typically suffices. But heftier signs demand more muscle, like:

  • Bolting directly into wall studs
  • Suspending from rafters and ceilings
  • Anchored exterior brackets welded to buildings
  • Monument signs with full footing foundations

We also craft creative solutions for routing wiring and concealing electrical components of illuminated signs. With form and function working in harmony. The goal is providing sturdy anchoring without compromising aesthetics.

This bespoke approach ensures your new signage enjoys the stability and security it deserves. Making it fully primed to catch eyes and wow.

What does the installation process involve?

With thousands of signs installed in Lewisville and surrounding cities like Dallas, Prosper, Frisco, and Plano – seamless execution is our specialty. Our seasoned crews interpret plans with precision before hitting your site fully equipped with the right tools to complete quality mounting efficiently.

Minimizing disruption is paramount, whether installing in just a few hours or dedicating multiple days for complex projects. We schedule carefully around your operations, protect surrounding property, and leave the premises pristine once our work is complete.

But our commitment to your signage investment doesn’t end when install wraps. We seek ongoing partnerships with clients by backing installations with maintenance and service for the long run. From addressing weathering wear or lighting issues to keeping signage looking its best year after year. Consider us your sign care team.

How can positioning amplify signage impact?

Crafting eye-grabbing signage is only half the battle. Ensuring optimal visibility through deliberate positioning takes it to the next level.

Our installation techs leverage architectural plans and creative angling to ensure your signage achieves maximum exposure. Carefully considering sight lines from parking areas and sidewalks so it connects with the most eyes possible.

We also pay special attention to positioning logo signs behind reception desks, drive-thru menus, interior wayfinding signage, and displays in sales centers and trade show booths. Tailoring exact mounting locations and heights that make branding elements pop.

With detail-oriented planning and positioning, we can amplify your signage’s reach and impact exponentially. Letting exceptional designs attract more eyes and convert more impressions into valuable engagement.

Why choose Leaderboard Signs for sign installation?

When flawlessly showcasing new signage in Lewisville, proper installation deserves just as much attention as the design itself. Call Leaderboard Signs to bring your vision to life with tailored mounting plans and expert execution. Let’s create showstopping signage together – the install is on us!

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