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Our Custom Sign Design Process

In our digitally-driven world, crafting stand-out branding that catches eyes amidst information overload is no small feat. Yet exceptional signage artfully positioned in the real world provides just that – a powerful physical imprint that builds instant brand recognition.

But for companies undertaking custom sign projects for the first time, the prospect can seem daunting. Where do you start? What elements require consideration? How much will specialized signs cost?

As seasoned visual branding experts, the signage specialists at Leaderboard Signs make the process simple and enjoyable. We recognize investing in signage represents a significant commitment for our clients. And aim to provide full transparency by explaining each step clearly along the way – no detail left unaddressed.

What’s your step-by-step sign design process?

We make the process simple through these streamlined phases:

  1. In-Depth Consultation – We schedule an in-person or video call meeting to discuss your brand identity and values, business goals, target audience profiles, competition, envisioned budget, and overall signage needs. This comprehensive briefing ensures we deeply understand objectives before designing.
  2. Initial Concept Designs – Our creative team translates concepts from the consultation into visual layouts depicting sign dimensions, materials, graphical elements and positioning. We also provide 3D dimensional renderings andFinish recommendations to establish overall aesthetic direction.
  3. Review, Feedback & Approval – You thoroughly review the initial sign design concepts and provide candid feedback to finalize the direction or request design modifications. This collaborative approach ensures signs align with your vision before fabrication.
  4. Sign Fabrication – Our experienced production team expertly constructs the approved signage designs on schedule according to stringent quality control standards, material specifications and finish requirements.
  5. Seamless Professional Installation – Our seasoned installation crews mount the finished signage products at your locations with care, precision and efficiency. We handle all necessary permits, concrete work, wiring and positioning needs for a smooth hassle-free process.

Rest assured we oversee every detail from start to finish. Our tailored process makes realizing your unique signage vision simple and enjoyable!

How do you effectively match my established brand identity?

We don’t simply replicate logos and trademarks. Our sign designers prioritize reflecting the deeper essence of what your brand represents through carefully crafted visual language. We thoroughly analyze multiple facets of your existing visual identity including:

  1. Trademarked logos, icons, fonts and core color palettes – We examine proportions, clear space requirements, allowable variations, meanings behind hues chosen, etc. to transition marks seamlessly or evolve them purposefully.
  2. Supporting graphical elements and patterns – We study how you integrate graphical frames, lines, illustration styles, photographic approaches, geometric arrangements and repetitive patterns into current materials to carry cohesive styles over to signage.
  3. Brand voice principles and personality attributes – We get to know adjective descriptors your company identifies with (such as friendly, reliable, innovative, established, specialized, etc.) and assess verbal tone guidelines which shape communications.
  4. Public-facing values and mission statements – We evaluate core values highlighted externally whether referencing sustainability, community roots, dedication to service/quality or other tenets that make your business stand apart.

Armed with this multi-layered intelligence, our sign designers can ensure customized signage solutions clearly continue your core visual language. Signs that immediately cue your brand without direct trademarks. All while reflecting the human spirit of your company through artful and memorable messaging sure to connect with audiences.

What’s the typical timeline for completing custom sign designs?

We recognize the sooner your new signs are designed, the sooner brand impact can be made. So our team works diligently to translate visions into tangible layouts as quickly as possible without rushing quality craftsmanship.

For standard commercial signs, our target is delivering initial design concepts within 5 business days of project kickoff. We can accomplish this through honed workflows like:

  1. Starting concept ideation immediately after project briefing sessions wrap rather than waiting. This capitalizes on fresh perspectives.
  2. Condensing research phases by relying on vast existing knowledge of codes and best practices.
  3. Tapping expansive visual libraries full of fonts, graphics elements and photo treatments that jumpstart layouts.
  4. Completing internal peer review cycles in 24 hours so client-ready concepts can be shared by day 5 barring revisions.

Now more multifaceted sign programs involving special builds, tech integrations or extensive custom graphic creation naturally extend these timeframes. But open communication is still key. We provide reasonable turnaround guidance upfront accounting for scope so you can plan roll-out timelines accordingly. Rest assured our commitment to delivering insightful and aesthetic designs as expediently as possible without cutting corners remains fixed.

How do your designers optimize illuminated signs to shine?

Illuminated signs demand an extra dimension of creative ingenuity to craft eye-catching visuals that pop when the lights are on. Through precision lighting design, we build that wow factor in from the start.

We begin by strategically mapping the placement and density of lighting components based on the sign composition and layout. Carefully balancing negative space against illuminated areas to create contours, dimension and a visual hierarchy that draws focus where intended.

Next we pay special attention to how colors, textures, reflectivity of proposed sign materials interact with lighting. Thoroughly evaluating absorption, diffusion and reflection properties so hues retain intended vibrancy and visual elements don’t get washed out or create excessive glare. Nothing left to chance.

We also engineer optimal cavity depth and dimensions leveraging prognostic modeling tools, ensuring lighting casts across entire sign faces evenly without noticeable bright spots or dim edges. And route wiring seamlessly to power sources for flawlessly concealed end results.

When it comes to specifying fixtures and lamps, we recommend long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting customized to illuminative purposes and ambient conditions. Components proven to hold consistent vibrant output for years with minimal maintenance required.

The end result? Eye-catching illuminated signage guaranteed to shine brightly and uniformly long-term while amplifying branding impact. Let our pros bring radiant visions to light!

What sets Leaderboard Signs apart for commercial sign design?

When exploring your signage partner options, it’s reasonable to ask what uniquely positions one visual communications firm above the rest. Our clients have chosen Leaderboard Signs as their go-to custom sign design resource because we offer that ideal blend of innovative artistry and project leadership.

Our designers don’t just create visually striking layouts. We take the reins guiding each project seamlessly from conception to installation. Becoming true partners through open conversations, candid feedback cycles, and complete transparency every step, removing headaches so you can focus on running operations.

We also remain actively immersed in the latest sign medium trends, production techniques, and zoning codes. This empowers us to bring bold and on-brand aesthetics to life within practical parameters right out the gate. And behind every deliverable sits our 100% satisfaction guarantee – integrity means everything.

At the end of the day, capabilities come second to commitment for us. Commitment to balancing visionary designs with functionality, client adoration with project efficiency, and budgets with value. Our many happy customers are proof positive this purposeful approach works wonders.

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