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Sign Maintenance Service

Proper Maintenance for Lasting Visual Impact

When investing in new signage, the expectation is eye-catching branding that effectively communicates your business’s identity and messaging over the long haul. Yet the realities of time and elemental exposure inevitably take a toll, slowly diminishing aesthetics and function if left unchecked.

Preventing this natural decline hinges on proper sign maintenance – the art of caring over time through cleaning, preservation, adaptation and reinvention. At Leaderboard Signs, we specialize in bespoke sign care programs tailored to sustain visual vibrancy, relevance and safety through decades of changing seasons.

How often should my sign be maintained?

We recommend most signs undergo maintenance checks at least twice per year – once before summer and again before winter. This allows technicians to address seasonal issues like foliage overgrowth, storm debris buildup, snow/ice damage, and refresh protective coatings eroded by summer sun exposure. High traffic signs may benefit from quarterly care. Illuminated signs often need annual maintenance minimum for lamp lifecycle management.

Can you repair any damage found during maintenance checks?

Absolutely! Our technicians are fully equipped to make basic repairs like touch up paint, replacing bulbs/wiring, tightening mounting hardware that has worked itself loose over months of environmental exposure. We provide detailed assessments of issues uncovered and can schedule follow up visits for more complex restoration needs requiring additional equipment, materials or permitting. Taking immediate action on repairs keeps small issues from ballooning.

Will regular sign maintenance extend expected lifespan?

Without question – consistent sign care adds years of extra usable life compared to “run to fail” approaches. Our proactive maintenance combats gradual environmental degradation before it escalates into catastrophic component failures requiring full sign replacement. Contact us to future proof your signs with tailored plans.

What are the key areas addressed in sign maintenance plans?

Our seasonal sign care routines focus on 3 critical areas to maintain peak shape:

  1. Surface Integrity – We thoroughly hand wash sign exteriors and frame components using gentle, pH neutral cleaners to remove built up dirt, grime and environmental stains. Then apply protective sealants to limit future oxidation, corrosion and UV damage based on sign materials present.
  2. Structural Anchoring – All sign mounting apparatus, frames and footings are checked for proper stability and load tolerances using torque wrenches on bolts and visual inspections beneath soil to identify erosion issues early. Any loose connections receive immediate adjustments to confirm durable installation.
  3. Electrical Systems – For illuminated signs, lamps/LEDs are changed out based on rated lifespans to prevent burnouts while wires/connections undergo diagnostic safety checks finding potential shorts early. Light sensors also calibrate to adjust brightness responding to ambient conditions.

Why does my new sign need routine maintenance?

We often hear “but my sign is brand new – doesn’t it take years to require any repairs?” While parts and structural integrity remain sound in new sign installations, exposure begins wearing down aesthetics much earlier than expected. Our semi-annual care combats this through:

  • Ongoing surface sealing keeping exterior sign materials looking freshly painted
  • Electrical component lifecycle optimization to prevent abrupt outages
  • Monitoring stability of mounting connections before loosening develops

The small, regular investments in proactive upkeep multiply the usable lifespan of sign investments exponentially over decades compared to solely reactive approaches once issues escalate or components fail outright.

Why Leaderboard Signs is the signs maintenance partner you’ve waited for!

Sign maintenance is an art just like sign design itself – mastered over years through purposeful refinement. At Leaderboard Signs, our patient technicians respect aging signs like venerable landmarks central to branding stories. Let us proactively care for your signs so these stories endure for generations to come.

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