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Reviving Tired Signage: The Art of Sign Repair and Restoration

When your storefront or office signage falls into disrepair from age or weathering, it’s tempting to just replace it rather than invest in repairs. But for signage with rich history or meaningful design elements, restoration should always be the first consideration.

At Leaderboard Signs, we specialize in revitalizing worn or damaged signage of all types through meticulous repair and restoration services. Read on as we overview the nuanced art and science behind sign repair, and how proper care extends visual impact and brand recognition for years longer.

What types of sign damage can your technicians address?

From entryway logos to large illuminated pylons, our veteran team has repaired it all. Common issues we can swiftly diagnose and resolve include:

  • Burnt out bulbs and electrical shorts in illuminated cabinet signs
  • Faded paint/materials and surface corrosion
  • Damaged/broken plastic facings and sign frames
  • Loose mounting joints/connections
  • Destabilized concrete footer erosion
  • Faulty wiring and internal component failures
  • Weathering cracks, chips, scrapes in sign substrates

As long as the architectural integrity and a majority of components remain intact, restoration is possible. We work magic keeping cherished signs acting much younger than their age.

What does your detailed inspection and quote process involve?

The first step is an initial site visit and consultation. Our lead technicians will carefully examine the current state of your signage on location, noting any safety hazards demanding priority attention. We assess:

  1. Overall scope of damage
  2. Repairability of existing components
  3. Functional reliability of electrical systems
  4. Integrity of physical mounting apparatus

Armed with detailed inspection notes and measurements, we then provide a comprehensive repair quote including:

  1. Itemized list of necessary repairs
  2. Cost breakdown of parts, materials, and labor
  3. Expected timeframe and staging schedule
  4. Coverage terms of our standard Craftsmanship Guarantee

This ensures no hidden surprises or obligations. Just full transparency on the repair approach before proceeding.

What proactive maintenance helps avoid costly sign repairs?

Our technicians aren’t just skilled at reactive restorations – we’re also passionate about preventative maintenance that maximizes ROI of sign investments. We recommend clients consider:

  • Annual electrical re-lamping of illuminated signs using quality LEDs with 50,000+ hour lifespans.
  • Resealing sign surfaces every 2-3 years to limit material oxidation and corrosion.
  • Checking mounting stability bi-annually to catch loose hardware that could destabilize signs.
  • Clearing debris and maintaining proper drainage around footing foundations preventing deterioration.

Proactive inspections coupled with minor version upgrades also keep sign messaging culturally current. Contact us to implement a tailored sign care plan.

What warranty do you offer on sign repairs?

We stand behind sign repair work with a 12 month Craftsmanship Warranty covering defects in restoration materials and application. Should issues covered under warranty terms arise within the first year following repair completion, we will promptly correct them free of labor charges. Exceptions apply for acts of nature, physical damage, and illumination components covered under separate manufacturers’ policies. Contact us to discuss the specifics of our comprehensive warranty protection.

What factors influence cost when repairing damaged signs?

The cost of restoration revolves around a few variable factors:

  • Type of sign (building mounted, monument, illuminated, etc)
  • Overall scope and complexity of restoration needed
  • Custom fabrication needs for replacement parts
  • Specialized equipment/rental access required
  • Local permitting fees if alterations are made
  • Total technician hours and skill trade level

We provide free and accurate quotes upfront based on sign inspection findings so budget alignment is reached before commencing. Once a restoration course is charted, we adhere to initial cost guidance barring unforeseen site challenges. Need a professional assessment? Let’s examine repair viability together.

Why choose Leaderboard Signs as your sign repair partner?

When longevity and sustainability matter as much as aesthetics, trust the preservation experts. We take immense pride resurrecting signage using time-honored restoration techniques blended with modern technologies. Let us diagnose your sign’s issues, provide transparent recommendations, handle accessible permitting, and deliver prompt restorations that balance preservation with enhancement.

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