Lewisville, TX – Sign Company Discusses Types of Custom Signs for Retail Stores

Window Graphics Exterior

Window Graphics ExteriorFor Lewisville retail stores, signage represents a vital opportunity to attract shoppers, reinforce branding, and drive sales. But generic, lackluster signs fail to make the desired impact. The key is custom signage strategically designed to captivate your clientele. 

As a leading Lewisville sign company, Leaderboard Signs fabricates high-quality custom signs tailored specifically for retail stores. We consult with you to determine the optimal signage to engage shoppers across these pivotal retail zones:

Exterior Storefront

Make a stellar first impression with exterior retail signage visible from the road. Options like:


Dimensional Logo Signs – Eye-catching 3D signage with custom logo in metal, acrylic. Illumination available. 


Storefront Window Graphics – Professionally designed vinyl graphics that entice shoppers inside.


Projecting/Hanging Signs – Unique dual-sided signs that grab attention outside the store entrance. 


Sidewalk A-Frame Signs – Movable signs display store hours, sales and daily specials up front. 



Guide customers upon entering while reinforcing branding through:


Interior Dimensional Logos – Inside entry, reproduce your exterior logo signage for brand unity.


Reception Signs – Professionally welcome and direct customers with backlit signs behind front desks.


Door & Wall Graphics – Vinyl graphics and lettering lead shoppers to key spots like dressing rooms. 


Directory/Map Signs – Help customers self-navigate your store with an overview directory.


In-Store Zones

Strategic custom signage tailored for different zones helps customers easily find desired products:


Category/Department Signs – Hanging signs label and demarcate different product categories. 


Aisle Signs – Clearly labeled endcap signs identify specific aisles from a distance. 


Informational Graphics – On shelving units describe products, prices, features. 


Wayfinding Signage – Place directional and directory signs at decision points.


Cafe/Lounge Signs – Invite customers to relax with eye-catching cafe or lounge signs.


Dressing Room Signs – Use bright, fun graphics to label and promote dressing rooms.


Restroom Signs – Ensure restrooms are clearly identified and accessible. 



Make final purchase points clear and visible: 


Checkout ID Signs – Use hanging or projected signs to clearly identify checkout zones. 


Counter & Service Signs – Backlit or digital signs direct customers to service areas like returns, gift wrap.


Window & Door Decals – Applied vinyl lettering indicates exit points and doors.

With Leaderboard Signs, each sign is crafted to specifically enhance your brand experience. We handle every facet from design to permitting to professional installation. Our retail signage solutions check every box:

– Visually engaging designs that reinforce branding

– Strategic placement for maximum visibility      

– High quality, durable materials made to last

– Seamless handling of all permitting/approvals

– Optional installation, maintenance and lighting

– Shopper-focused wayfinding  

– Meet ADA regulations for accessibility

Let our retail signage experts optimize high-impact signage across your Lewisville store. We’ll conduct an in-depth consultation to determine the optimal signage for guiding customers and wowing them with your brand story. Contact Leaderboard Signs today to ignite your retail signage.

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