Dallas, TX – Sign Company Offers Custom ADA Signs for Hospitals / Doctors Offices

For hospitals, clinics and medical office buildings in Dallas, TX, implementing ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant signage is a legal obligation and ethical necessity. More than that, effective wayfinding signage that caters to those with disabilities fosters welcoming, inclusive environments where all patients feel cared for. At Leaderboard Signs, we have extensive experience designing and fabricating custom ADA sign solutions that inform and aid patients and visitors with various needs.

Disabled individuals rely heavily on signage when navigating healthcare facilities. ADA compliant signs feature critical elements like raised characters, Braille, and pictograms that quickly impart essential information for those unable to see sign copy easily. They also adhere to stringent legibility standards regarding character height, spacing, contrast and placement. Here are five key features we focus on when creating ADA signs for DFW healthcare facilities:


Tactile Lettering For The Visually Impaired

ADA signage employs specially fabricated characters with depth, edges and spaces discernible by touch to accommodate low vision or blind users. Custom dimensional lettering, engraved text and pictorial symbols communicate critical information through touch. We ensure raised characters meet minimum height and protrusion requirements as well.


Integrated Grade 2 Braille Transcription

Each sign includes Grade 2 Braille transcription of the printed English text to convey content to those reading by touch. We verify Braille accuracy and use the proper formatting like capital letter indicators. Braille perfectly aligning with the corresponding raised letters links the tactile and visual content.


Compliant Text Size, Contrast and Placement

For legibility, ADA mandates specific character height to viewing distance ratios, which we adhere to. Contrast levels between text or symbols and their background color meet minimum luminance guidelines as well. And sign placement follows height conventions for maximum visibility by both standing and seated users based on approach.


Intuitive Pictograms And Symbols

Pictograms, pictographs and symbols representing essential services like restrooms, exits and departments supplement text information to serve users with cognitive impairments. We create pictorial identifiers that intuitively impart meaning with universal accessibility in mind. Symbols also facilitate wayfinding for those with limited English proficiency.


Durable, Vandal-Resistant Materials

Our ADA signs employ durable materials designed to withstand heavy tactile use and potential vandalism in healthcare settings, from solid surface composites to polycarbonates. Tamper-resistant surfaces, frames and fasteners prevent removal while withstanding cleaning chemicals. We build signs to maintain legibility and function despite constant handling.

The right ADA signage fosters accessibility and eases navigation for disabled patients while remaining discrete. At Leaderboard Signs, we blend ADA compliance with aesthetic appeal to produce signage that effectively informs in an inviting manner. Let’s discuss how we can help your Dallas healthcare facility implement a custom sign program that caters to users of all abilities. Compliance has never looked so good.

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